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Florida Cannabis Supply has a rare genetic called Florida MK which is cultivar that derives from a Master Hindu Kush Dominant Indica Strain originating in the Hindu Kush Mountain Bordering Afghanistan and Pakistan. This has been a very difficult grow and we are still perfecting the genetic because it has been bred with a ruderalis autoflowering landrace "ORIGINAL" strain in Sounthern Argentina. Combining the Southern and Northern Hemispheres has made this a very unique gentic in that it is a strong hybrid with indica dominant properties. 

Florida MK | Indica Hybrid | Florida Cannabis Supply

Preisab 42,00$
exkl. MwSt.
  • Florida MK.... hmm I gotta sit on this one for a minute. 
    First impression is the nose. Strong tones of fresh pine and lemon grass with soft undertones of sweetness. 
    The bud sizes are small and have a larfy look to them. The grower I met is attribuiting this to the quick harvest that had to be done due to huricannes sweeping through Florida. 
    Due to the early harvest I am going to assume that this is also the reason why its more of a hybrid than anything. 
    Now to the Feeling. After smoking out of pipe I have to admit that the smoke was more calmin than I expected. 
    I give this a 6/10 for potency
    and a 8/10 for flavor profile. 

    I found my self surrounded by an auroa of peace and tranquility. But my mind remains sharp and I am able to function daily. In fact I feel more invigorated, I slight increase in hear rate and I can hear the inner ancient warrior in me relishing in this ancient herb blend. I gotta say I need a big peace pipe for this bud. 
    For pure coolness factor 10/10

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